Australian Boardwalk and Deck Restorations (ABDR) have over 30 years’ experience in the construction of commercial boardwalks and decks and surface finishing.


Refurbishment of existing decks and boardwalks

Construction and extensions of new and old boardwalks and decks


ABDR utilise a brush sanding system making the maintenance of boardwalks and decks easy, efficient, and cost effective by soft cleaning.


Our brush sander has an integral vacuum that contains timber dust and fibres – essential in environmentally sensitive areas.


The unique brush system allows the preparation of timbers to be sanded where bolts heads, raised nail heads and screws would normally hinder conventional belt and drum sanders.


Most importantly, unlike conventional drum sanders with abrasive belts, there is no loss to the deck profile, i.e. conventional sanders remove at least 3mm of timber from the boards. Our brush sander removes the deck coating only.


Your choice of a deck coating system will be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and with the required number of coats.